Thursday, February 2, 2012

Consumer's rights- hotels

I recently had the most horrific hotel stay.  There was mold on the walls.  There were frayed wires.  The bedding had stains.  There were even staples in the walls and ceiling- why or how they got there I do not know.  There were people running around and screaming all night long.

This was the most unacceptable and atrocious hotel stay I have experienced- fortunately it was only one night.  If it had been longer, I would have found a better hotel. 

I took video of the room and told the hotel staff about the unacceptable conditions.  When I got home I typed up a letter and faxed it to the hotel and the corporate office.  I demanded my money back.  I also contacted multiple official agencies regarding this hotel- the health department, public works, and even the district attorney's office. 

After two weeks of no response, I finally had to threaten them with a lawsuit.

It took some time, but the hotel finally contacted me and told me they had reversed the charges to my credit card.  I have yet to see the reversal on my card, but I am confident they did what they said because they probably are worried about further action on my part.

I feel consumers have to start standing up for their rights for better products and service.  The only way to get companies to improve customer service is to force them.  If you have received less than optimal service, don't be afraid to insist on better treatment.

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