Saturday, May 26, 2012

New Pets

One of my friend's generously gave me her three chinchillas, the cage, and all of their toys.

I have wanted a chinchilla for several years.  A coworker had shown me a picture of her chinchilla, and I fell in love.  I am so happy I finally got my little pets.  They are so cute.  They keep me laughing. 

I bought them a new toy today.  I can't wait to see what they think about it.

Friday, May 18, 2012


I entered a contest and received some feedback. 

I did not win the contest, but the judges gave feedback on a scoring system.  I was able to determine areas I am strong in and what areas I need to work on.

I really liked being able to get this feedback, even though I didn't win.

Of course, one always wants to win- but feedback is good too.

My First Autograph

I gave my first autograph yesterday.  It's nothing big time, but I guess the first is always a memorable experience.

I recently did a story for my paper on my high school.  There was a big fund raiser going on for the school, and I donated one of my paintings for the raffle.  I included a one-page bio that told about my history and what inspired me to paint the scene.  The person who won the painting wanted my autograph on the paper.  It was kind of cool.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Jonathon's Cause

I have been having such a blast writing my paper.  I am getting more contacts every day, local businesses are excited about my weekly contest, and I find new stories- so many I can hardly keep up with them.  I came across a story today that I just had to share here too:

Jonathon Foxen is just like every other normal kid- except he has Goldenhar Syndrome.

Jonathon was born with a Cleft Palate and had to have two corrective surgeries for that, one when he was 15 months old and one when he was 7 years old. The disorder made it difficult for him to eat when he was a baby, and it would take him an hour just to finish a meal. Because of this, he had trouble gaining weight and had to be on a high-calorie diet, which caused rotting of his teeth.

Born deaf, he has to wear a special hearing aid and has limited hearing. The disorder has also caused problems with his speech and swallowing. At the young age of 10½, Jonathon has already undergone 21 surgeries and needs 3 or 4 more. The next surgery is tentatively scheduled for August and will entail ear reconstruction and a BAHA surgical hearing aide placement. The surgery costs $6000 and is likely not covered under insurance.

Jonathon has been invited to a retreat in Tempe, Arizona, at the end of June. The Children’s Craniofacial Association hosts the annual retreat put on by Cher. Families attend a symposium on the disorder and then are treated to sight seeing and other fun activities. The retreat includes six meals but costs $150 a night.

Jonathon and his family are having fund raising events to help pay for the trip and surgeries he needs. Tonight, they are at Mountain Mikes Pizza at 1901 Oro Dam Blvd. next to The Dollar Tree. If you mention Jonathon’s cause when you order before 9:00 p.m. tonight, 15% of your purchase will be donated to his fund raiser.

Jen is also selling items to help raise money. Her roommate generously makes beaded items to sell, so Jonathon can get the things he needs. Bracelets and necklaces cost $2.00 each and animals cost $2.50 each- some of them even glow in the dark. Pencils shown are $1.00 each. Jen also has Apple Butter for sale- $2.50 for a small jar and $5.00 for a large jar.

Jen is planning a rummage sale on June 15th and 16th. If you would like to donate items for the sale, you can reach her at 282-0927.

A trust fund has also been set up under Jonathon’s name at Butte Federal Credit Union. Donation containers have been placed at Carpets Galore and Edward Jones next to Blondie’s Restaurant, both on the corner of Myers Street and Mitchell Avenue.

If you would like to help in some way, you can respond via this site or call Jen.

If you have ideas for other fund raisers, please let us know. Maybe we could get Cher to come to Oroville and do a benefit concert for Jonathon. Like this story on Facebook, retweet it on Twitter, and go to the site links here to send messages in support of this idea.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Enjoy Life

I have been having a blast with my online paper.  I have a couple of people helping me get things rolling now, so it is gaining momentum.  I am getting more and more responses from businesses wanting to participate in my weekly contest.

The other day I took some time to go to a downtown event and introduce myself to some of the business owners.  I gave each one of them my card, so they can check out my newspaper site.  A few of them said that they had received my previous e-mail notices and would be contacting me to participate in my contest.

This weekend the Feather Fiesta Days will be held here in Oroville.  This is a yearly, week-long celebration- a sort of Founders Day for my hometown.  The town will be abuzz with people enjoying the festivities.  I will be handing out fliers to announce the newspaper site.  I have a couple of volunteers who said they would help me with this. 

I am so excited about my new venture.  I can't wait to see how this unfolds.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Busy, busy, busy

I have been having such a blast writing my newspaper, I have not had time to post messages here. 

My goal is to start writing more here to let you know what I am up to and how I am progressing in my writing ventures.  I will really to blog at least twice a week.

Today I am off to get next weeks newspaper contest set up.  You should check it out at

I am also entering a contest myself.  You can read about this contest at or

Have a fun, productive day!