Friday, August 17, 2012

I'm Not Lazy- And You Shouldn't Be Either

I had something very frustrating happen today.

A week and a half ago I learned that a local business had changed ownership.  I called both local locations of the business the day the change in ownership occurred and was unable to reach a spokesperson who could talk with me.

I went on my Facebook page and sent one of the owners a message letting him know I wanted to do an article about his new ownership of the business.  I detailed some of the information I wanted to ask him and waited to hear from him.

This afternoon I got a message from him.  He typed "Hello Cookie..The Article just hit the Mercury register today.."- as if he expected me to copy the other newspaper.  Um, last time I checked that's called plagerism- besides, I don't work that way.

I let him know if he wanted to be included in my newspaper in the future to contact me directly because I don't copy other people's work.-

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