Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sexual assault

I heard a commercial on TV say that a woman is sexually assaulted every 2½ seconds.  That means that every minute 24 women are assaulted.  That would make 1,440 women each hour.  It is alarming to think that 34,560 women suffer such an attack each day.

This is horrific.  I covered this issue previously on my blog, but I felt the need to address it again in this new light. 

It is important to remember that men and boys are involved in assaults also, not just girls and women. 

This means that you either are part of this statistic or know someone, perhaps more than one person, who has experience a tragedy.  We cannot simply ignore this plight and sweep it under the rug.  It has to be attended to. 

If you are the one dealing with this issue, I beseech you- get help.  Talk to someone, get some counseling, deal with the situation in a constructive way.  If you do not, it could spiral out of control and this could be detrimental to your health- physically, emotionally, mentally.

If you know of someone who experienced this ultimate violation, be there for him or her.  Listen to them.  Help them in any way you can.  Encourage them to talk to someone who has been trained to assist in matters such as these.

I have been there.  I still have to deal with the issue every day.  It is not the easiest thing to do, but it can be- has to be- done in the appropriate way.

You can survive this.  Be strong.

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