Sunday, January 6, 2013

Having the Time of My Life

Last week was a good week.  I went to Sacramento to take my test to become a Pulmonary Function Technologist.  I passed- of course.  I would not take a test of this gravity unless I was sure I would pass.

Now to refocus.  I need to blog more regularly.  This is one of my ongoing goals.  I have recently reconnected with a fellow writer who has motivated me to get back to my blog. 

I love writing the newspaper for my hometown.  I have received some “flack” from a rival journalist, but it has just spurred me on even more.  I am having a blast writing the paper.  I enjoy seeing things happen up close and have met many interesting people.

I try to have a different twist on the way I present things that happen in my community.  Last week I wrote an article on the last baby born last year in Oroville.  The idea totally paid off, since there turned out to be a really cool background story.

Now—on to more writing. J

1 comment:

  1. Good for you Cookie :) I'll have to look for the baby article. Sounds fascinating.

    Congrats on passing the test. New horizons will be opening for you soon.