Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy Anniversary to Me

So far it’s been a great week. 

I have had some pretty good stories for my newspaper. 

Tuesday, I went to Schubert’s Ice Cream Shop in Chico because they FINALLY got the sugar free espresso candies in that I love so much.  I had been waiting for months for them to come in.  If you live in the area and you have not tried them, you should.  You will have to wait for the next shipment though—I bought them all, lol.  I am not going to take the chance of them being out again.  I will last at least three months now until I have to buy some more.

Yesterday was my 14th wedding anniversary.  I had my favorite meal—snails—sea snails that is, Lobster.  YUM!  I also got a phone call yesterday from my old employer.  It appears I may be returning to a place I really love to work.  Getting that PFT license really paid off.

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