Thursday, March 22, 2012

Gold City Gazette

Check out Oroville’s own online newspaper,  I would like to start a new contest in the paper. 

This contest will be called “How well do you know your town?” and would entail my taking a picture in a downtown business.  The picture would be of something unique to the business, an emblem, a piece of furniture, etc.  The picture would be placed in the paper, and the first person to guess the location where the picture was taken would win a prize.

I would like Oroville businesses to get involved in the contest by contributing prizes for the winners, a gift certificate, an item from the store, etc.  The store that contributes the prize is where the picture will be taken.  This will help to acquaint local residents and visitors with the businesses in our town.  It will also give free publicity to the local merchants, as the winner, store name, and prize will be featured in the paper once the location is identified.

If you would like to participate in this contest, you may let me know of you interest through this website.  I will arrange a time to pick up the prize, take a picture for the contest, and get a little more information about your business.

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