Sunday, December 15, 2013

Oroville is rich with culture, recreational opportunities, and history.  People come from hundreds of miles to visit the former gold mining town.

Many enjoy vacationing in Oroville often because they enjoy the enticing environment.  Many more have been lifelong residents.  In recent years, a number of people have relocated to Oroville because they love the area so much.

Some of the features that make the region so attractive are:

  • The Oroville Dam, built in the 1960s to collect water and produce electricity.

  • The dam contains Lake Oroville, which reaches up to a depth of 690 feet.

  • Museums highlighting settlers of old—including the “Gold Rushers.”

  • Ethnic dining that encompasses a wide variety of authentic traditional foods

According to several reporting agencies, the Oroville Dam is the tallest in the United States.  The dam is 770 feet tall and houses six powerful turbans that generate electricity for thousands of residents.  People enjoy walking across the mile-long barrier each day.  To find out more about the Oroville Dam, go to www.oroville-city/sightseeing/thedam.  

Lake Oroville is a popular body of water for a variety of activities.  Some boat owners choose to leave their vessels on the lake year round for convenient access.  Others prefer to relax at one of the numerous campgrounds in the area.  Oroville provides activities for just about everyone.

The Pioneer Museum takes visitors back in time to Oroville’s Gold Rush Days.  The historical building is also the home of Native American artifacts and items that belonged to famous Lott Family.  The Ehmann Home holds several events throughout the year including the Olive Festival and tea parties.

Oroville eateries include a century-old Chinese restaurant, Jamaican food, authentic Mexican meals, as well as a variety of other delicious choices.  There is no limit to the dining choices in Oroville—and new ones popping up frequently.

Many would venture to say Oroville is the best place to live, work, and play.

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