Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Keeping Busy

Friday I went for my "interview" and Monday I went back in to complete my rehire paperwork.  In two weeks I will attend orientation to find out about all of the changes that have gone on.  Thursday I have CPR.... whew- and that's just one aspect of life.

I'm having fun though.  I have a few articles in my cue- tomorrow I will try to get at least one of them wrapped up.  One will not be ready for "eyes" for quite a while, but it's mulling around up there in my head.

I hope everyone else is having an enjoyable time living their lives as well.  If not, make sure to think about your dreams and aspirations.  It is possible to make them happen.  Sometimes, you just have to make some adaptations and figure out a way to accomplish them.

One of my main goals last year was to be published.  Although it did not happen the way I thought it would, I still was able to make that happen to a certain extent.  I really enjoy writing my online newspaper, and thousands of readers view it each month.  I still have the goal of getting my books published and writing articles for some magazines, but at least I've got a start.

I truly appreciate all of my loyal readers who make it possible for me to fulfill my dreams and get so much enjoyment out of life.  Don't be afraid to reach for your stars- you can reach them.  Sometimes, it just takes a little extra stretching.  :)

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